Aspire to Buy Authentic Nike SB Dunks? Attention Please!

Aspire to Buy Authentic Nike SB Dunks? Attention Please! Want to skateboard? Choose Nike SB! That is cool. Skateboard game in TV show is my favorite. For they seem to be very cool, dangerous and difficult. Playing skateboard with Nike SB shoes on my Cheap Air Max shoes 2013 is my dream. Then I got a skateboard and a pair of Nike SB shoes which are the most popular ones for the time being. The Nike SB Dunks were sold at less than $100 in authorized retailers but the great demand has made the price increase to over $1000 now. What' s worse, I feel rather upset because I find that the Nike SB I get is not as comfortable as what the ads has described. By my friend's words, I bought a pair of counterfeits. What a terrible thing! I paid 1oo dollars for them. That money could have bought a pair of genuine Nike SB Dunks. In order to make judge the genuineness of them, I get some information on internet. The first thing is to examine the box of the Nike SB Dunks. As to the first and second series of Nike SB Dunks; they are endowed with an orange box. If the shoes belong to the third series, then their box are in Nike Air Jordan Shoes For Women , and the label of these shoes are green. Except the above situation, the boxes can also have the following matches, say, if the box comes in sliver, then the label should be in orange, if the box is in pink, then the label, orange or black, and if the box is in black or purple, then the label is required to be in black. If the boxes of the Nike SB Dunks don't come in the above situations, then these shoes may be counterfeits. Next take out the shoes from the box. Normally, there should be a clear plastic bag in which the shoes are put in. There also should be spare laces of the Cheap Nike Air Max inside the resalable bag. The bag for the genuine Nike SB Dunks should be 7.5 cm wide and 13.5 cm high. Then examine the spare laces inside the bag. As to these spare shoelaces, their color should be different from that of those on the Nike SB Dunks.

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