30 Unusual Uses For Tape And Low Tack Tape

30 Unusual Uses For Tape And Low Tack Tape 4. Holding glue in place. If gluing a broken mug for example, use protective tape to hold it in place until it dries. 5. Holding glass in place. Broken windows can be kept whole with tape until they can be Nike Air Jordan Shoes For Women . 6. Preventing paint cracks. Tape a small cross when drilling into a wall. Drill through the centre of the cross and paint cracks will be prevented. 7. Preventing wood splinters. Tape either side of where you are going to saw to avoid splintering. 8. Keep screws safe. Taping small clear bags in the garage will keep screws, nuts and bolts from getting Cheap Air Max shoes 2013 . 9. Fix a radio antennae. 10. Prevent tripping hazards. Use tape to stick wires and carpet edges down. HANDY 1. Tennis racket cushion. Taping the handle of a tennis racket will create a more comfortable hold with extra grip. 2. Fixing crayons. Taping crayons will make them easier to hold for children, as well as preventing or fixing breakages. 3. Sealing. A huge range of things can be sealed with tape, such as food packets and parcels. 4. Memos. Tape turns any piece of paper into a sticky note. A low tack protecting tape will ensure the note does not damage the material which it is stuck to. 5. Creating a temporary hem on Wholesale Nike Shoes . Ideal before sewing if you have no pins. 6. Preventing locks from freezing. Taping a car lock will prevent ice from freezing inside the lock. 7. Fixing frayed laces. Tape the end of laces for an aglet which is unnoticeably home made. 8. Grips for slippy shoes. Attach double-sided tape to the underneath of shoes for extra grip. 9. Shopping list holder. Fix your shopping list to your trolley when shopping for hands-free shopping. 10.Code your keys. Tape the top of your keys in different colours for an easy recognition of which is which.

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